IAS-5100 NIR grain analyzer
Application : soybean,rape seed,linseed,peanuts
Analytical indicators:protein,
erucic acid,moisture,ash content,oil etc

Application site: grain purchasing,processing, laboratory

IAS-3120 NIR spectrum analyzer

Application : grass feed, Fish meal


Analytical indicators:Dry matter,crude protein,crude Ash content,crude oil,NDF,ADF,ADL,starch etc

Application site:

Processing real monitoring

NIR analyzer

Application : Online processing such as grain, feed, and tea

Application site:

Real-time inspection at the processing  

IAS-5150 近红外粮食分析仪
IAS-5150 近红外粮食分析仪


Fruit online sorting

spectrum testing system

Application : Big fruit,Medium fruit

Application site:

Quality control for fruit industry

Quick sorting for the fruit collection

IAS-3100 NIR spectrum analyzer