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NIR Grain Analyzer

(Applies: grain,oil crops analysis


NIR Spectrum Analyzer

(Applies: grain,oil crops analysis


Online  NIR Spectrum



Fruit online sorting

spectrum testing system

About us

           Our main business covers the fields of food safety, medical and health, commodity inspection, environmental monitoring, petrochemical industry, life science, scientific research and teaching, agricultural application and special industry. And we also provide more comprehensive technical analysis model for various fields user, develop portable, stable and intelligent near-infrared analysis equipment and offer the industrial overall solutions with near-infrared technology.

Grains or farming


Typical applications

Feed or forage processing

Livestock and

animal husbandry

Fruits and food

Quality control, grading and pricing in  trade, storage and process control etc.

Raw material quality control, production process  control, nutrition composition etc.

Forage nutrition measurement, dairy  quality  control etc.

Sorting, nutrition analysis, harvest  control etc

 Provide you ODM/OEM customized solutions  

We solve the technical matter , you just focus on your own business

We provide customized NIR analysis solutions

Hardware +  Calibration + remote maintenance + cloud platform

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